Play Dabado demo v.0.3 on any computer in browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera.
It can be played only with keyboard and mouse. Please note, that this is only one puzzle level, game in the game, not real demo!
Please wait a while until demo end loading.
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Game advantages:

Positive and thrilling gameplay; Unique hand made art; Dozens puzzle Levels; Deep storyline; Exploration of fantasy world with many secrets; Unique NPCs; Huge replayability; Competition with other players .

World map; Many different locations; Main character with different skills; Dozens unique NPCs; Many enemies; Non linear dialogs and quests; Score mechanics and online rank list.
Deep storyline

The story tells about the exciting adventures of a Agomo, young personality, searching for the "Well of Life". Reaching the desired goal, he reveals something, which he did not suspect, that exists...

Dozens of logical levels in three categories, each one with different mechanics and challenges. Huge replayability. Each level has its distinctive art.