Play Dabado demo v.0.3 on any computer in any browser. It can be played only with keyboard.
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Unique art style

Dabado is a Puzzle RPG game with unique hand-made art created by Viktor Mazhlekov, artist, game designer and animator, author of the animation - PORTALS. Game main goal is to inspire and fill people with positive mood.

Isometric world map with main character and multiple NPC’s. Lot of dialogs, quests, and interesting information about the world. Smooth transition between world map and puzzle levels. Innovative score mechanics and online rank list.
Deep storyline

The story tells about the exciting adventures of a Agomo, young searching personality, striving to find his true Home. With his help, the player reveals eternal questions - what is a human being and what is purpose of life. The game has strong learning and educational effects.

Dozens of puzzle levels in three categories, each one with different mechanics and challenges. Huge replayability. Each level has different art. The game develops logical thinking.